Global Music (degree programme)

Get inspired by cultural diversity and grow into a multi-skilled, visionary musician or pedagogue under the guidance of world-class teachers.

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Why study here?

Come and study at one of the best performing arts universities of the world. Develop the skills needed for working in multicultural environments in the music sector, broaden your understanding on different music styles, and make music with musicians representing a wide range of traditions and cultural backgrounds. Improvisation and experiencing music with your body are important aspects of the studies. 

About the studies

Your studies include both one-on-one instruction as well as group instruction. You will form a multicultural ensemble with your fellow students and expand your work portfolio with new works, collaborations and performances. Through your studies, you will learn about themes that are central for a professional musician, such as music conducting, project management, entrepreneurial skills and applied research.

You can tailor your schedule and choose optional courses according to your own interests. You can also choose courses organised by the other two academies of the University and complete so-called joint studies that are available for all students. 


Teachers in the programme are various experts employed by the Sibelius Academy as well as visiting pedagogues and artists.

Teachers in the degree programme (to be updated in December)


Our University is one of the most sought-after places to study in Finland. Browse the applicant statistics from previous years.

Doctoral studies

It is possible to complete a licentiate and a doctoral degree at the University as a third-cycle degree. After graduating with a master’s degree, you will have the option to apply for doctoral studies in music and specialise in research-oriented, artistic or applied doctoral studies

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